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Skonnie is a progressive metal band created by Connie Yerbic and Sal Moretta. In 2018, Skonnie inked a deal with UMG record label Sonorous Records for an upcoming release. Skonnie is a prog/power metal band based in Connie’s hometown San Francisco, but frequently on the road in the USA and Europe. Skonnie features original music compositions and the insane “pyrotechnic” guitar antics of Salvatore (Sal) Moretta, combined with the unique vocals, imaginative lyrics, and flute of Connie (Coco) Yerbic.

Skonnie Music is the perfect meeting of two musicians of diverse backgrounds and interests, who enjoy a mutual love for exhilarating guitar solos, powerful metal riffs and haunting melodies, along with a vision for the creation of a variety of songs, albums and innovative music ventures together.

In his youth, Sal first played keyboards until a good friend encouraged him to learn guitar. Sal found he had a natural, all-encompassing passion for the guitar and never looked back. Sal spent considerable time each day focusing on truly becoming proficient in every aspect of classical, acoustic, and especially electric guitar. Soon he was immersed in the music of Malmsteen.

Sal spent every spare moment developing his own signature style which encompassed his passion for Neoclassical shredding. In addition to Malmsteen, Sal admired the guitar work of greats like Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Satriani, John Petrucci, and Michael Romeo.

Sal Moretta’s unmistakable solos, melodies, and recognizable sound gives Skonnie Music its foundation and musical personality. Sal has three studio albums under his belt, has mentored other guitarists, and served as the regional guitar instructor of an area school district in Italy, for which he also arranged student recitals and public performances. Sal enjoys mixing songs in Skonnie Music’s studio, and is very knowledgeable on amp tone to obtain the best sound for each song.

Connie Yerbic’s journey as a musician ranges from her classical training to interest in various musical genres. Connie studied the flute and music composition from the age of 9, studied music theory at a well-known Boston college, and trained in Salzburg, Austria exclusively under a master flutist. Connie’s professional music journey began as she filled in one night at a local club for the lead singer of a Boston rock band, permanently replacing her after the show. Connie never gets tired of being on the road performing live, having a blast touring in such unforgettable locations ranging from Red Rocks in the USA to the Czech Republic. Connie enjoys experimenting with innovative vocals, connecting with the fans, and demonstrating the versatility of the flute while also applying her creativity and love of writing to her songwriting and vocals.

Both Sal Moretta and Connie Yerbic have professional recording studio and album experience, including working together on the creation of their band’s VEVO video, and recording albums in professional recording studios, working with Alberto Cutolo and Jack Garufi in Massive Arts Studios (30 Seconds to Mars, Lacuna Coil), and most recently, Johan Ornborg (Orphaned Land, James LeBrie), Viktor Stenquist,  and Jens Bogren, (Arch Enemy, At the Gates, James LeBrie) at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden.

Skonnie’s current and future projects include not only song, album, and video releases, but actively promoting music to inspire, enrich, and help and support those vulnerable or with medical needs. Skonnie  was born out of a love of music and a desire to make a positive difference via music in new and unique ways.

Skonnie Music, Concert, Vocals, Metal Band
Connie Yerbic Skonnie
Skonnie Music, Concert, Solo, Guitars Sal Moretta, Connie Yerbic, Skonnie
Solo Time! Sal Moretta, Guitars, Connie Yerbic, Vocals, Skonnie Music

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