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Do you need last-minute presents for your guitarist this year? You’re making your list and you’re checking it twice, humming Christmas songs and sipping eggnog – when suddenly, you bolt upright in your chair.

Whaaat???! It can’t be!

You forgot to get a gift for…your guitarist! Nooooooo. (Personally, I’m already offended. Kidding.)

You can’t just give some gift set of perfumed bath soap and body wash to the musician in your life, can you? (No, you can’t.)

Don’t worry. You can fix this. There’s still time. One of the (many?!) great things about guitarists and musicians in general, but especially guitarists, is that they LOVE everything related to guitars and making music.

Here are the 5 best last-minute guitar presents that you still have time to order and receive, even though you waited until the last minute. (Did you catch the guilt trip?!)

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5) Sound Card

A sound card is a must for almost every music artist. There are solid, reasonably priced sound cards that make fantastic gifts. We use a variety, including the one pictured here.

4) Guitar Cutting Board

This makes a very cool and unexpected gift. There are only 13 left in stock as I write this. What a great gift for a guitar lover and home chef.

3) Wooden Miniature Electric Guitar

A wooden, miniature electric guitar is another clever present your guitarist will love. Select a guitar that is similar to what your guitarist uses, so Fender for a Fender guitarist, etc. Get several and your guitarist has the start of a collection. This mini Eddie Van Halen replica is amazing!

2) Speakers

A present like this is if you want to go higher-level and you know your guitarist pretty well. These Presonus speakers work amazingly well for their compact size and reasonable price.

1) Guitar Strap

You can never go wrong with a gift of a Guitar strap. If you choose it well and your guitarist loves it, the strap can make playing a lot more comfortable. Try to think of what your guitarist has, what style fits best (don’t choose a Country music theme for a Metal guitarist.) Make sure to select the correct strap for the type of guitar (Acoustic will want an acoustic strap, electric guitars need different straps, and bass is another size too.)

There you have it. All of these guitar present possibilities are still in stock and will arrive before Christmas if you order now!

These great gifts for guitarists will put a smile on your musician’s face. 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Skonnie Music!

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