Skonnie Music New Album – Nuraghe

Skonnie Music announces Nuraghe (Tales of Love and War.)

Our upcoming full-length album release, Nuraghe (Tales of Love and War) by Skonnie Music. Prelease sneak peak of the album will be available soon.

Every place we visit or tour, from Europe, to Australia, to Thailand, to India, to the Middle East, to Japan, and back to the USA has been amazing, and each place has a unique culture worth appreciating! Fans everywhere are super friendly, and we always feel so inspired when we travel!

The island of Sardinia, where Sal is originally from, is rich with history, architecture, great food, amazing beaches, and mysterious structures called Nuraghe. In this photo, you see me near an actual Nuraghe. Have you ever seen anything like it? Our new album explores mysteries and adventures from Sardinia, and worldwide legends from throughout history.

Skonnie band traveling musicians Italy
I saw this amazing Nuraghe right on the side of the road we were on in Sardinia, Italy and I had to write a song.

(It’s pronounced: Noor – ah – geh.)

These ancient stone structures are fascinating! They are from the Nuragic Civilization, which existed on what is now the island of Sardinia, Italy. The Nuraghe were constructed around 1900 to 730 BCE. You can see Nuraghe throughout the island, and they seem amazingly well-preserved. So cool!

Our music is made up of the union of our different cultures, as well as reflecting all of our unique experiences throughout the world. Sign up on our mailing list and join our musical adventures!

This is a prelease album cover for Nuraghe by Skonnie Music feat Connie Yerbic
Skonnie Music New Album Nuraghe Connie Yerbic Sal Moretta
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