George Clooney and My Unforgettable Summer ~ Skonnie Music

George Clooney and I share something in common. No, George did not join a metal band, and I, sadly, was not called to be in the Hulu TV miniseries Catch 22 that he’s filming.

Both George and I are spending a little time this summer on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Not together, of course. George is with his gorgeous wife Amal and the lovely Clooney fam.

Still, both of us spending time in Sardinia, Italy this summer is one thing. What’s the chance – how is it even possible – that both George Clooney and I were in unrelated, yet potentially serious accidents within a short time of each other in Sardinia, such a small island?! And, both George and I survived, which is always good.

George riding his scooter (brave!) on his way to his film location near the town of Olbia when he was cut off by a car (the driver was blinded by the sun) and thrown through the air to the ground. Cameras caught footage of the horrible incident.

Luckily, he seems to be okay. He’s George Clooney, so awesomeness is to be expected!

I was in Sardinia for a little summer holiday and to complete the lyrics for our new Skonnie music album.

I was suddenly cut off by a rogue… no, actually, I wasn’t.  I stepped off an embankment, falling hard onto a cement block, and then falling again, hard against the ground. Splat. In slow motion, or so it seemed.

Fractured sternum, badly bruised legs, cuts on arms and hands, still extracting thorn bits. Blood everywhere…so it seemed at the time. There was blood. I was in a fair amount of pain, and I suspect George Clooney was too. It seems both of us recovered from our injuries and moved forward.

A breathtaking blue sky, turquoise water, and white sandy beaches made the recovery time more pleasant. Waving at you, George!

Connie Yerbic, Skonnie Music, traveling musician, Sardinian beaches
Connie Yerbic, Skonnie Music
Beautiful beaches in Sardinia, Italy

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