5 Last Minute Gifts Your Electric Guitarist Needs and Wants

Did you just realize that the guitarist in your life is only interested in presents that are guitar-related?! Now what are you going to do with that new ping-pong table? Are visions of #EpicFail dancing through your head?

And how are you going to get the perfect gift at the last minute?

No worries. The following are presents every guitarist will enjoy.

There is still time to get your guitar hero a gift to treasure. Here are five guitarist-approved ideas, in reverse order from feast to beast

5. Basket of Guitar Accessories:

If it’s the last minute, all of the following can be ordered from Amazon, or visit your local music store. Ask for help if you need it. Assemble a cool box or basket with some or all of the following:

  • Guitar Cord Winder

  • Fast Fret

  • Guitar Tuner

  • Capo

  • Strings! Strings! Strings! (Make sure to get the right size and kind)

  • Guitar Picks (Make sure you get the type your guitarist uses – sneak a peek!)

  • Guitar Cables

These items might not seem exciting, but to a musician, having the necessary tools available makes life awesome. Repeat after me: A guitarist can never have too many sets of strings.

 4. Guitar Case

  • Especially if your guitarist travels a lot with a guitar, a well-made, sturdy case is a necessity. Read the reviews to see the ratings.

Check out our adventures here:

Also, it’s important the guitar case fits the type of electric guitar your guitarist plays. There are many different styles and shapes.

3. New Guitar Strap

This is where you can let your imagination run wild. There are guitar straps of every style and brand. Leather straps, cotton straps, padded straps, expensive, cheap, fancy, or plain, in every pattern and color possible.

Think of your guitarist’s style, and select the guitar strap you think is an extension of your guitarist’s personality.

Guitarist Skonnie Music
Skonnie Music Guitarist Sal Moretta with Levy’s Leather Guitar Strap

2. Online Lessons

• Beginning or intermediate guitarist? Or a guitarist getting back into playing after some time? How about a gift of online lessons?

• There are so many to choose from, including personalized individual lessons, but for an established, dependable company you might gift a year of Guitar Tricks.

(Skonnie Music is an affiliate, but we only mention products we totally believe in.)


The cool thing about it is there are songs in every genre your guitarist can dive into and learn. If you want guitar instruction, Guitar Tricks has a comprehensive system.

There are lots of extras and the price is great, so take a look. It just may be the perfect present for your guitarist, and something a little different and unexpected.

1.New Guitar

  • Okay, take a deep breath on this one. It is the ULTIMATE cool last-minute gift idea! You can never have too many guitars! (Says the guitarist!)
  • However, there are a few points to keep in mind. You definitely want to think this one through.
  • DON’T just go buy a guitar, or order just order any guitar online. There are many variables.
  • A guitar is a very personal choice for a guitarist. This is something the guitarist should select, test, and try out. Guitarists who only play a certain brand or style of guitar, or only like certain ones, won’t be happy with anything else. Seriously.
  • You could buy something unique like Kononykheen Guitars. These are well-made, reasonably priced, limited-edition guitars. Not only do they play well, they are also great conversation pieces for musicians. It’s best to let your guitarist check out the website and current models:


  • Probably the safest way to make this a dream-come-true present is to simply place a note or card inside a gift-wrapped box with a clever note saying something like, “Guess what?! I wanted to give you the perfect gift, so pick out the guitar you’ve been hoping for – it’s yours!”

Nobody has to know it was a last-minute thing. Maybe you planned it for months, right? Your guitarist will feel like it’s the greatest present ever!

Giving musicians a gift related to their craft is something that has infinite rewards. You encourage and contribute to their ability to make music, and musicians create music that reaches out and touches others.

Hopefully these ideas help you choose the ideal gift – or gifts – for your guitarist, and you will have an unforgettable celebration!