How to Use ReverbNation to Boost Your Band

ReverbNation makes it easy for Indie Musicians to get in front of fans.

If you’re looking to increase your fanbase and network with other bands, ReverbNation is a very musician-friendly site. You can connect with bands in your local area, regionally, nationally, or even internationally.

(Skonnie Music receives no compensation in any way from ReverbNation for this article. Connie Yerbic and Skonnie Music have been part of ReverbNation for years and love the way it helps Indie Musicians.)

What music and social sites does your band have a presence on? Maybe you’re already on YouTube and Bandcamp, and of course, you have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram, but I want to explain how ReverbNation promotes musicians like our band Skonnie Music.

Curated Artists Skonnie Music ReverbNation

What is ReverbNation?

ReverbNation is a music platform for bands to showcase their music to fans, fellow musicians, and music industry insiders. You can create a page for your band and each artist.

What is on a ReverbNation Band Page?

Click here to see Skonnie Music’s ReverbNation page.

There are a lot of customizable features on this page, including:

  • Fully customizable header
  • Profile photo
  • About the Artist Biography
  • Customize the layout
  • Your songs
  • Your videos
  • Your photos
  • You can add links to all your social sites
  • Other ReverbNation bands and musicians can comment on your songs.
  • Link to your Blog
  • Additional elements like your stats, chart presence, your location, and upcoming events
  • You can add fans to your mailing list right on ReverbNation songs.
Skonnie Music ReverbNation Profile
You can decide what options you want on your ReverbNation profile

Not bad for FREE, right? I repeat, EVERY indie musician and band can benefit from a ReverbNation presence.

Want to know one of the biggest benefits of being on ReverbNation?

It is such an amazing way to meet and interact with other bands. The community of musicians and artists is amazing. Supporting fellow musicians and engaging helps everyone succeed.

How Does ReverbNation work?

ReverbNation combines presenting your band’s songs and videos with management and marketing to help all musicians have a chance to succeed.

There are three membership platforms to choose from:

  • Free

The free membership is perfect for many musicians, especially if you’re just getting started.

Free membership includes your band or musician page on ReverbNation, uploading unlimited songs, the possibility to sell your songs, Gig finder, email and social marketing (very awesome features!), embedded players that you can place on your website and other sites, and a Facebook Band app.

  • Basic

Basic membership includes all the features of the Free membership, plus music industry opportunities, a customizable Electronic Press Kit (very timesaving!), and allows larger song uploads, increased email contacts, and your ReverbNation profile page is advertisement free.

  • Premium

For not that much more, Premium membership contains all of the above, plus your own Website with a free domain, Digital Distribution, and unbranded embeds.

You can purchase a ReverbNation membership monthly or annually. You can also switch between the different membership types, so if you don’t need premium or basic, you can revert back to the free plan, for example.

ReverbNation Promotions and Industry Opportunities

Guitar, Skonnie Music, Connie Yerbic, Vintage, Kononykheen Guitars, metal band
Skonnie Music in Europe

One of the coolest things for musicians is the Industry Opportunities feature. ReverbNation sends you notifications of events and opportunities in your genre, both in your local area, and also nationally. You will learn about music festivals, recording studio offers, opportunities to get radio exposure, and labels who are looking to sign artists.

With a couple of clicks of your mouse, you can submit your band’s name for the opportunity. For this alone, I think ReverbNation is an essential part of any band’s marketing strategy.

You can listen to one of our songs here:

ReverbNation may offer you a chance to be part of a featured playlist for a certain length of time for a nominal fee. ReverbNation then handles promoting your song.


ReverbNation has a curation team, which selects songs from ReverbNation artists and gives them more exposure.

Skonnie Music’s Blue Eyes and A Smile was selected by ReverbNation. A curated song appears on the ReverbNation Discover app and is eligible for other music opportunities.

Skonnie Music curated song ReverbNation
Skonnie Music on ReverbNation Discover Music App

Curated artists get incredible, even global exposure. All it took for us was uploading our song. ReverbNation did the rest.

In today’s competitive music landscape, your band promotion and marketing can take up a serious amount of time, while networking with other musicians is more important than ever. Take a couple of minutes to sign up on ReverbNation today.

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