What’s the Story with Kononykheen Guitars?

Have you heard of Kononykheen Guitars?

Kononykheen is a guitar company getting noticed lately, and for good reason.

This is a company with a unique philosophy and an interesting vision. It’s made up former and current musicians and guitarists who know exactly what they like in guitars.

The company slogan is:

“We know how to build excellent guitars and we truly love our job.”

(Kononykheen Guitar Company)

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Full view of Kononykheen Breed Four

Founded by Victor Kudriavtsev, Kononykheen guitars is named after Victor’s grandfather, Victor Fedorovich Kononihin. Victor’s grandfather was a well-respected naval officer. Victor has fond childhood memories of his grandfather. The elder Kononihin was known for being strict, but also kind and generous. He was also very interested in technology, and often took things apart and then put them back together to have a complete understanding of how they functioned.

Victor’s parents named Victor in honor of his grandfather. Victor honored his grandfather’s memory by naming his guitar company after him, and Kononykheen was born.

Guitar Company, Kononykheen, Electric Guitars, Skonnie Music
There are many different styles and models of Kononykheen guitars. This is because these guitars are created in limited batches, each with a unique look and features.
Each Kononykheen guitar model is available for only a short time, usually around three months. After that, production of that particular model is discontinued forever. The model is retired.

This is what makes Kononykheen guitars popular among guitar collectors, rare guitar collectors, as well as professional musicians, and also guitar enthusiasts who enjoy having unique, quality instruments. Each Kononykheen guitar is rare and, after it is retired, becomes a limited-edition collectible, available only from owners who purchased from the original small batch.

Electric Guitar, Skonnie Music, Kononykheen, rare guitar, Sal Moretta, Guitar Solo
Sal Moretta (Skonnie Music) demonstrating the Kononykheen Breed Four limited edition guitar.

Sal Moretta of Skonnie Music is pictured with his Kononykheen Breed Four guitar.

Kononykheen guitars are not only attractive, they have great sound. The craftsmanship is solid, and the pickups are excellent. The guitar arrives in a quality soft-sided case. We take more than one guitar when we travel, and we have traveled internationally with no problems:


Kononykheen is not a massive guitar manufacturing firm. It is a guitar company with heart and pride, crafting quality instruments that are as individual as the guitarists that play them.

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Kononykheen Breed Four 6 String Guitar


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